Power Glass Teach You To Play Smart Window

- Mar 02, 2017-

Power glass teach you to play smart window

    Since the trend of this year, since the beginning of 2017, the use of glass in the case of smart windows has been common. Intelligent window, industry name is also called the shop window, in the business of the glass door, display the top of the display business information, corporate culture, product promotion and other information display photography to the glass. To promote, promote, display, experience the integrated experience of mutual support model. In the window using the power glass, you can play a good role in the following:

 1. Business during the business, you can open the power glass. All the merchandise in the store can be displayed in front of the customer. After proofing, the conductive glass transferred to the milky white state, but also effective blocking the line of sight.


 2. In the opaque business can be used for projection curtains, intelligent window can play pictures, video, the use of late 5:10 prime time for advertising, but also to attract customers to meet the eye to enjoy, to promote into the store consumption, great use The existing resources to enhance corporate image, strengthen business publicity, image effects comparable to LED TV.

 3. You can set the mode of advertising. Attract customers to the eye.

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