Precaution For Installing Bathroom Smart Film

- Nov 09, 2016-

Precautions for installing bathroom smart  film

Whether it is our home decoration or hotel renovation, the bathroom glass we all want to have such a function. When the glass becomes opaque in the shower, the glass is transparent to the shower. Now this effect can be achieved - surface-attached PDLC smart film. But when we install the PDLC smart film, some details are worth noting:

1, because the bath reason, the bathroom floor often have water, is relatively humid. Therefore, the bathroom floor of the two most important is: waterproof and anti-skid. As for the waterproof, need to do two waterproof.

2, the bathroom wall is also a need to pay attention to a waterproof problem, especially in the bathing area, the surrounding walls in the brushing waterproof coating when the need to brush to 1.8m Department. In addition, the wall can also be paved with some of the style of the room in line with the wall to do a waterproof, smooth wall is also easy for users to clean up the daily cleaning.

3, the bathroom is relatively heavy moisture and turbidity, but the size of its space is not great, so the bathroom must maintain the flow of air, the timely removal of moisture and turbidity. Ventilation in the bathroom there are two measures, one is to open the windows for natural ventilation, and the other is to install the mechanical ventilation settings for artificial ventilation.

4, in order to prevent the occurrence of water leakage in the bathroom accident, we in its decoration, the bathroom must be on each and every electricity-related settings do waterproof, moisture-proof measures. Sockets, switches, etc. need to install a waterproof cover for protection.

5, the bathroom lamps as simple as possible, because the bathroom is a frequent use of the region, but our daily life rarely stay in the bathroom for a long time, therefore, the best choice is the bathroom lamp incandescent. Incandescent lamp brightness to meet the lighting inside the bathroom, but also very save electricity. Privacy protection: intelligent dimming glass is the biggest function of privacy protection, smart film and film can be insulated, blocking more than 99% of ultraviolet rays and more than 98% of the infrared.

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