Precautions For Use Of Tempered Glass

- Nov 22, 2016-

Most people understand that in order to improve the safety factor of glass, generally tempered glass is in the ordinary float glass or LOW-E glass original film on the basis of, after 600 degrees Celsius above the formation of high-temperature steel after cooling. After the tempered glass after high temperature, flat with a slight degree of curvature is what we often say that steel bending. The international standard of bending is about 2 degrees. This arc is unavoidable and this arc is difficult to observe with the naked eye. So consumers in the selection of tempered glass, you can observe the glass surface in the horizontal plane. If the glass surface appears obvious curvature, which can give up the product. Curvature of the glass is too obvious too high temperature of the glass, the use of self-bursting rate of 80% higher than ordinary glass.

        Second, the glass blew rate should have a correct understanding. Toughened glass processing time due to high temperature enhanced hardness of this special link, made of glass will inevitably blew the phenomenon. The so-called self-bursting without any external force in the case of sudden glass rupture, this rupture with significant damage. Consumers buy back the glass blew phenomenon do not panic, you can immediately contact manufacturers or businesses require a free replacement, if the explosion caused by the accident medical compensation, and businesses can be negotiated. This phenomenon is special, the international provisions of the phenomenon of glass exposure can not be higher than one thousandth. Blew the phenomenon of the existence of consumers in use, but also pay attention to the installation time to keep the glass gently, reducing the damage to the glass on the external force.

        There is also a move, select the glass, pay attention to remember the light to see the side of the glass flare phenomenon. In the light can be worn with sunglasses to see the tempered glass surface, if showing a striped spot color, which is qualified tempered glass. Some customers do not understand the beginning, will mistakenly think that these stripe spot is impurity, is not good product glass, this perception is wrong, on the contrary there is such a color striped glass is genuine glass tempered glass. Ordinary glass can be used in regular light meat was observed a little pan-green surface, which generally belong to the original sheet of float glass sheet.

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