Principle Of Explosion Protection Of Building Glass Film

- Feb 08, 2017-

                Principle of explosion protection of building glass film

According to the investigation and understanding that enhance the glass explosion-proof performance of the key is to alleviate the external impact, mainly through several aspects:

First, make full use of adhesive layer and metal coating to improve the rigidity of the glass, the impact force in the surface decomposition. Metal has good ductility and toughness, in the event of external force, the metal coating can effectively offset and break down the impact. Even if the glass is broken, the metal film in the film will produce a tensile force, and the adhesive layer of colloidal effect of pulling together the glass fragments, it will not be fixed splash, so as to effectively protect personal and property safety.

Second, through the film unique to each other between the sliding layer of particles shift, ease through the impact of the role of the safety film to the glass, can alleviate most of the impact, the formation of a unique impact resistance, in addition, the more time the glass film Long, with the glass membrane adhesion is stronger, to the last glass and membrane integration, it is estimated to enhance 2-7 times the strength of the glass, effectively prevent the impact caused by external glass broken wounding.

Third, the main material of the film, polyester substrate is a heat-resistant, strong, high toughness, moisture resistance, high temperature resistance, good elastic substrate, can greatly ease the impact from the outside, and thus To achieve a safe effect.


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