PVC Plastic Doors And Windows With Glass - Insulating Glass, Double Glass

- Jan 02, 2017-

First, the insulating glass


Insulating glass consists of two or more pieces of glass combined, in the glass and glass to maintain a certain interval between the middle of the dry air, the interval between the glass partitions around by the four sides, and sealed with a sealing material , Spacing spacing 12mm, 9mm, 6mm three standard sizes. Glass partition from the 0.6 ~ 0.9mm thick aluminum coil rolled into a rectangular cross-section of the tube, the seam without welding, to maintain a small gap, rectangular tube filled with molecular sieve moisture absorption agent, coated with a dedicated adhesive Between the glass and the aluminum tube. Aluminum tube gap against the sandwich space, molecular sieve can absorb sandwich space contained in the water vapor, so that sandwich in the air to keep dry. In this way, even if the outdoor temperature is below -30 , and the indoor temperature of 18 , relative humidity of 85% or more, sandwich will not affect the line of sight and lighting frost. Hollow glass partitions? Rectangular aluminum tubes and glass with a special structure between the adhesive glue together, the peripheral need to seal with the sealing material. Manufacturing of insulating glass requires a complete set of dedicated production line equipment, or can not guarantee quality. Insulating glass with insulation energy, noise and anti-frost function.


Second, double glass


High prices of insulating glass, affecting its promotion and use of some domestic PVC plastic plant had to use UPVC profile bar instead of aluminum partitions, with ordinary double glass instead of insulating glass method for the preparation of double-layer glass for PVC plastic doors and windows , Also played a very good effect. Ordinary double-glazed glass and insulating glass is essentially different.


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