Revenues From EC Glass And Film Will Reach $620 Million

- Oct 24, 2016-

Revenues from EC Glass and Film will Reach $620 Million

By 2020, it is believed that revenues from EC glass and film will reach $620 million.

Other existing smart windows materials are expected to find niche markets in which they are quite successful.Because smart glass window can protect the privacy and Blocking direct sunlight,so it widely used in the commercial building and car window. SPD has had success in the automotive sector and is making inroads into the aircraft industry. PDLC is a popular choice for dynamic privacy glass. Revenues from SPD and PDLC in 2020 are expected to reach almost $80 millions.

From the perspective of materials suppliers, it is believed that the smart windows market continues to offer important opportunities. We are seeing older technologies - such as photochromics - become more competitive with the dominant SPD and electrochromic materials and there are also entirely new materials such as hydrogels and versioned display materials that are beginning to play in the smart windows space. We are also impressed with the recent willingness of deep pocket investors and other well-known firms to get involved in the smart windows space.

Although price of smart glass or smart glass film is high at present,with the advance of science and technology ,the cost of smart glass will be slowly reduce,so the price also will be decrease.In the coming years,demand of smart glass will be increase.

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