Rolith And Asahi Glass In The Anti-reflective Glass Technology In-depth Cooperation

- Mar 15, 2017-

Rolith and Asahi Glass in the anti-reflective glass technology in-depth cooperation

And one of the world's largest glass companies signed an exclusive agreement to develop anti-reflective glass technology for the construction of glass market. Rolith, Inc., a leading manufacturer of advanced nanostructured coatings and equipment, today announced that it has partnered with Asahi Glass Glass, one of the world's largest glassmakers. The joint development agreement shows that the two companies in the advanced manufacturing technology in the architectural glass market in the commercial application of in-depth cooperation.

Building glass, which is commonly used in construction, now reflects about 4% to 8% of the light, which is caused by a sharp transition between a material with very different refractive index (glass and air). The resulting glare can affect people's vision and reduce visibility.

Rolith and AGC developed the advanced anti-reflective glass based on the nature found in the "moth eye" method, that is, using a group of nanostructures to imitate insect eyes. Rolith uses its unique "Rolling Mask Lithography" lithography technology for this project, enabling manufacturers to create nanostructures on large-area glass plates in a cost-effective manner.

Compared with the traditional PVD film coated glass, the nano-structure of the anti-reflective glass can reduce the broad wavelength spectrum and more perspective of the reflection. In addition, this antireflective glass is expected to improve environmental stability compared to polymeric nanostructured films and organic, inorganic mixed glass coatings and the like.

"Through this strategic partnership, we can create truly new high-performance antireflective glass," said Dr. Boris Kobrin, founder and CEO of Rolith. "AGC's collaboration shows that Rolith's technology has made significant progress so far, and after cooperation, we have been able to accelerate the development of new advanced glass products based on our manufacturing methods."

AGC Vice President Usui Hiroshi said: "The reason for AGC's choice of Rolith is that Rolith has cutting-edge technology and excellent team, and this strategic partnership shows that we are confident that Rolith has the ability to drive commercial progress and we look forward to continuing to market excellence and New glass solutions. "



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