Safe Type Of Explosion-proof Membrane

- Mar 20, 2017-

Safe type of explosion-proof membrane

Compared to the market on the ordinary car film, the advantage is very obvious:

1, more economical. Than the replacement of heat reflective glass to save 50% of the total cost.

2, more efficient. Than to remove the old glass and then put on a new glass short duration, easy to operate.

3, more environmentally friendly. Replacement of glass will produce a large number of broken glass construction waste, will increase the cost of transport and landfill, and the film can use both glass, so that insulation and safety performance upgrades; also prevent indoor rugs, curtains, fabrics and paint fade, Effective protection of indoor furniture or computers and other office equipment, to extend its service life.

4, more secure. Safety explosion-proof membrane has a certain safety enhancement, at the same time with folder (glue) layer of glass debris sticking performance, its safety is better than tempered glass, professional safety film more secure.

5, more healthy. The mounting adhesive in the glass foil contains a UV (UV) absorber that blocks 98% to 99% of the UV rays.

6, more light. In order to achieve the effect of heat and UV protection, the general building will choose to replace the glass into insulating glass or hollow LOW-E glass, but this will directly lead to double the total weight of glass or more, such as in ordinary glass on the explosion- , It will greatly improve the glass load problem.

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