Safety Explosion-proof Film Structure

- Mar 18, 2017-

Safety explosion-proof film structure

    Safety explosion-proof film, also known as "insulation film", is through the vacuum sputtering or magnetron sputtering technology will be aluminum, gold, copper, silver and other metals made of multi-layer to dense high thermal insulation film. By one or more layers of polyester film processed by the process, can be attached to the glass surface, so that it has insulation, safety, decoration and other functions. Safety explosion-proof membrane compared to the industry car film, glass film, technology is more advanced, a total of eight layers of structure:


1, anti-wear layer: composed of wear-resistant polyurethane, hardness up to 4H;


2, color PET security grass-roots: from high-strength, high-transparent PET polyester and pigment melt extrusion stretching obtained, because the pigment caught in the PET film inside, to prevent oxidation discoloration, life of up to 8 years;


3, metal insulation layer: in the PET film by vacuum evaporation or vacuum magnetron sputtering metal aluminum, silver, nickel and other infrared have a higher reflectivity of nano-metal layer, the service life of ten years;


4, composite adhesive: good weather resistance from the high transparency of the polyurethane adhesive composition;


5, UV absorption layer: by a special UV absorber composition, can block 99% of the UV;


6, transparent PET safety base: from high strength, high transparent PET polyester film composition, the purpose is to sandwich the metal layer in the middle to prevent oxidation of metal to extend the life of metal film;


7, the installation of adhesive: good weather resistance and high transparency of the acrylic adhesive composition to ensure that the car is not blistering;


8, high transparent PET release film: whether it is car window film or architectural glass film, film is more clear and transparent, not being aware of the surface scratch.


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