Safety Explosion-proof Membrane

- Mar 20, 2017-

Safety explosion-proof membrane

Safety explosion-proof membrane is also widely used, not only can be used in automotive windows, but also used in commercial buildings, hotels, hospitals, government agencies, banks, schools, museums and so on. After the safety explosion-proof film, if the car glass is hit, the car can also prevent the broken glass splash wounding, to a large extent can protect the car passengers are not stabbed by the glass. Taking into account the different needs of different consumers and models, the current R & D and production of three major categories of safety explosion-proof membrane. "


1, nano-explosion-proof membrane: nano-particles with infrared absorption characteristics, excellent insulation effect. At the same time have a very high degree of clarity, to the user the perfect enjoyment.


2, magnetic explosion-proof membrane: the use of advanced magnetron sputtering technology, rare precious metal targets can be made into different visible light transmittance and reflectivity of the membrane, the film has the best sunlight control performance. Life expectancy of 10 years.


3, aluminum explosion-proof membrane: shading prominent, easy to install and decorative strong. Insulation anti-ultraviolet effect is good, the cost is reasonable, suitable for the end consumer, according to customer requirements made of different light transmittance and reflectivity.


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