Safety Glass Has Become A New Bright Spot On Solid Wood Composite Doors

- Mar 31, 2017-

Safety glass has become a new bright spot on solid wood composite doors

Safety glass in the solid wood composite door market gradually popular, one is related to the consumer's consumption concept upgrade; the second is related to the introduction of relevant safety regulations at all levels of government. At present, many large cities have introduced the use of safety glass regulations, although the solid wood composite doors to install safety glass is not mandatory, but for your safety sake, or try to choose safe glass as well.


Tempered glass and laminated glass in China has several decades of production history, but in the field of solid wood composite door product development period is only in recent years. With the improvement of the living standard of our people, the enhancement of safety and environmental awareness, the use of safety glass in the composite doors has been gradually recognized and accepted, and the production consumption has been greatly increased year by year. In recent years, Personal injury events and therefore significantly reduced. Solid wood composite doors using safety glass, can make consumers feel more cordial and reliable and practical.

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