Sandblasted Glass Is How To Produce It

- Nov 09, 2016-

Sandblasted glass is how to produce it

  We had to use sandblasting machine sprayed quartz sand, quartz sand models, this according to your requirements on the type of glass sprayed. Fine sand sprayed out the effect to be better.

  1 with a high-pressure gun, you can emit particles of corundum material, blowing against the glass on it.

   2 sandblasting glass is water mixed with silicon carbide, high pressure jet in the glass surface, as a process of its polished. Multi-application indoor partition, decoration, screens, bathrooms, furniture, doors and windows, etc., to make life more beautiful mood.

    3 Widely used in shipbuilding, aircraft, metallurgy, mining, railway, bridge, chemical, vehicle and heavy machinery industry in the manufacture of various metal components and welding surfaces. At the same time is the non-metallic (glass, plastic, etc.) surface, decoration, sculpture, the ideal equipment.

   4 sandblasting glass is divided into full sandblasting, striped sandblasting, computer pattern blasting. High pressure jet in the glass surface, sandblasting glass to polish a process. Including glass and sand carved glass, it is the level of automatic sandblasting machine or vertical blasting machine in the glass processed into a horizontal or concave carving patterns of glass products, but also in the pattern with color.

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