Screen Anti-fingerprint Glass Principle

- Nov 16, 2016-

Screen anti-fingerprint glass principle

 Do you know what is anti-fingerprint glass (Anti Fingertive glass) ? What is production principle of anti-fingerprint glass ?

  Common AF treatment is by coating the surface of the finished tempered glass with a combination of reactive silane groups and fluorine-modified organic groups. Fluorocarbon groups provide a very low surface tension / activity for the surface, which helps the glass resist water, oil and fingerprints. The other end of the silane group and the glass can be a good bite, that is, the surface of the glass with the texture of close engagement, thereby enhancing the adhesion. The main form of dissolution (dissolved through the dissolution of grease does not blame the dilution of fingerprints) and exclusion (exclusion of fingerprint material attached to the glass surface, the oil can make the fingerprint shape becomes blurred, the effect of anti-fingerprint). These two methods are subject to chemical properties, the effect is not very obvious, in production has been gradually eliminated.

 Second, in our production and processing, with more of the way or physical structure of the anti-fingerprint processing. The glass surface is coated with oxidized material such as zinc oxide on the glass surface. This can be obtained that hydrophobic, also oleophobic dual characteristics, but the high cost. Generally only for high standards of products will use this method of production. Relative to the inexpensive program, more manufacturers tend to sandblasting film approach to achieve the effect of anti-fingerprint. In simple terms, the attachment of fingerprint fats is reduced by surface granulation, but at the cost of reduced clarity. And the edge will leave obvious traces of oil, easy to clean off. Although this method has shortcomings, but generally manufacturers usually use this method to produce AF anti-fingerprint glass. Both to achieve anti-fingerprint effect, but also anti-glare effect. Is a combination of AG and AF technology.

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