Self-adhesive Smart Film Installation Complex?

- Nov 15, 2016-

Self-adhesive smart film installation complex?

   Smart film is very expensive, which is we all know. The value of such a high product, often manufacturers are not included in the installation. So expensive to buy things back, please install the master afraid of damage to the film outside the effect. Many customers choose to install their own. Self-installation film complex? Ruined how to do it? This is everyone's heart. Zeelang  today to explain some of the basic installation common sense:

    Many people will self-adhesive film to install, but not many people will be the correct installation, if the installation is not very good, I believe they are doing any good, so from here we must see, for a person , Although they want to install self-adhesive smart film, but do not be too confident, the main need to be taken seriously. Safety pliers, must learn 100% sure glass is very clean, no flaws. The installation process, if found to have bubbles, even tear open re-installation. This will ensure that the glass is clean and free of air bubbles after installation.

     Self-adhesive smart film installation is not difficult for everyone, mainly in the installation process, must be rigorous in each step to do bit, otherwise, in the end, they always want to fail , Because the installation effect is not very good, bad words, have to re-install, and then a waste of material.

    Sum up a word, installation careful, refinement. You can not waste the product, but also to achieve the desired effect.

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