Semi - Tempered Glass

- Nov 23, 2016-

    First of all, we must first know when the semi-tempered glass. As the name suggests, this glass from the intensity, certainly higher than ordinary float glass chanting, but it also has some tempered glass part. To put it plainly, this glass is between these two kinds of glass between the "sandwich biscuits" bar. Compared to toughened glass, the glass flatness is better than ordinary glass, the strength is 2 times the normal float glass, low self-burst rate, cracked when the radiation shows the state of the crack, the debris can keep the overall state does not fall. The most noteworthy point is that, once the debris falling down, the state of debris and any ordinary glass is no different, the edge sharp easy to hurt. So in accordance with international standards, it does not belong to the scope of safety glass.

     Having finished the definition, then we talk about his next technology. Conventional tempered glass surface pressure greater than 69MPa, semi-tempered glass pressure is much smaller than this value, only between 24 ~ 52MPa. And the temperature of the processing technology is also lower than the tempered glass in general, about 300 to 400 degrees Celsius. The wind pressure in the quenching station and the location of the glass is completely different.

      So we are not very curious, and semi-steel protection of the use of glass is what? Those places can be a simple semi-tempered glass? The most typical half-tempered glass is used in hot-bending glass. Currently available in all types of market Rewan glass, Rewan coffee table glass, are the use of semi-steel technology. Float glass in more than 300 degrees when the temperature can occur softening, the formation of different shapes of glass, just this time to complete the degree and the wind and semi-steel has been. This is what we usually say correct. In addition, semi-tempered glass is also reflected in some architectural design. Into the current glass, outside the window glass, are likely to apply to the tempered glass. And even some of the screen glass, there are also half-tempered glass figure. Here refers to the emphasis on the semi-tempered glass is a special product, has not yet reached the level of safety glass, generally in the construction of skylights, roofs, stairs and other occasions can not use semi-tempered glass.

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