Several Frequently Asked Questions About Smart Glass

- Dec 22, 2016-

In the past few years, the popularity of smart glass experienced an incredible rapid increase in the process, many decorative engineering companies or individual buyers have a lot of questions to consult us. To this end, we have produced a quick guide to answer the nine most common questions about smart glass.

1. Smart  glass can be used in what areas?

Intelligent smart glass can be used to improve the project's internal and external pattern. The main uses include building doors and windows, indoor partitions, can also be used as a conference room in the role of tablet and projection screen, or make compelling advertising displays, billboards and so on. In addition, in the automotive, railway, marine, aviation and other fields are also popular.

2. smart glass can provide different colors?

We are currently available in a series of smart glass color, such as brown, yellow, green, pink, purple, etc., can also be selected according to customer requirements of other colors, so that the application of different occasions. However, the most widely used is opalescent (ie, colorless when energized).

3. How long does it take to switch the smart  glass?

Smart glass, also known as privacy glass, in order to protect privacy within an instant, our smart glass in 0.2 seconds to switch quickly switch state.

4. What is the price of smart glass?

The price of smart glass depends on a series of factors, including the size of the glass, thickness, light transmittance, shape, and the use of occasions, the need to dig holes. In understanding these will be able to calculate more accurate after the price.

5. smart glass is how to control?

In order to facilitate the operation, our smart glass wall switch, remote control, touch and other control, other control methods can also be designed by the customer, such as mobile phone control, remote control.

6. Electronic control what is the use of electric glass? How to ensure safety in use?

In the country, smart glass(smart film, self-adhesive film) need to use 220V turn 70V dedicated power, because the smart glass need to use 70V AC to drive. In order to prevent moisture and leakage, our smart glass in the factory will be waterproof and insulation treatment, then as long as the requirements in accordance with the installation of dimming glass, to ensure that the cable alignment science, will be able to ensure safety.

7. smart glass can be projected, then how is the projection of it?

Projection is the characteristics of dimming glass, in the power (fog) state, it can be used as projection screen. Only need to buy high brightness projectors can be projector. Recommended rear projection, more beautiful picture quality, at the same time, smart glass can also be used as a WordPad.

8. How to clean the smart glass?

smart glass cleaning with ordinary glass, in fact, with a damp cloth to wipe, or use a special glass cleaning agent and cleaning tools can be. But be sure to ensure that the smart glass in the power state, and avoid the use of excessive water. If the glass is too wet, be sure to wipe off any excess water.


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