Shipment Of Hot Bending Glass, Packing How To Deal With

- Nov 08, 2016-

Shipment of hot bending glass, packing how to deal with

In order to ensure the reliability of the ship, reduce impact on the quality of components caused by the packing, we this standard zeeliang glass co., LTD., the actual situation, to ensure product quality.But according to the specific condition of each customer to provide personalized packaging solutions.Different varieties of futures volatility rules are not the same.Want to make shipment period to do the following several kinds of is enough.  

1, general production schedule in 3 days!To see if factory busy process is not complicated, wai boxes, packing boxes, wooden boxes,

2 ,(with carton packaging hot bending glass first, and then a circle around the wooden cases used bubble cotton wooden box, then put the cartons into the wooden cases; secondly also can make wooden frame around the packed cartons.)

3, light and beautiful.Tear open outfit is convenient, can be customized according to user's need to measure the body, products of good quality and high technical content, firm structure, easy to tear open outfit, color diversity,

4, through the optimization of packaging solutions, make the individual cases can load more goods, reduce the cost.

5,according to different types of products, provide different solutions.High-margin products for export to provide better material and appearance.For low margin products, using the more economical solution.

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