Simple Application Of Intelligent Smart Glass

- Feb 24, 2017-

Simple application of intelligent smart glass

   Intelligent dimming glass, literally can be seen that the characteristics of this glass can adjust the luminosity. What is the principle of glass dimming? Is the intensity of light, or transparency? Let's take a look at the technical definition of it: Smart glass is one of the special decorative glass, also known as electronic control discolored glass light valve. By the new liquid crystal material NPD-LCD attached to the glass, film and other substrates on the basis of the size of the current with the light, the temperature adjustment of the glass so that the indoor light soft, comfortable and pleasant, yet translucent role.

    The original glass is adjustable and not just brightness, as well as transparency, softness, simply said that if you have such a side of the glass, you can freely change the permeability, depending on the occasion, mood, functional needs free Adjust performance. As a technology product,smart glass can be applied to what aspects? Here for everyone to briefly summarize

    1, business applications

    Example 1: curtain effect

    Here, the smart glass has another trade name, called "smart glass projection screen", meaning that the transparent state can display the background decoration picture, or as a glass wall of the conference room. Opaque state can replace the imaging screen, and more clear picture of the characteristics. This way, it broke the traditional cement wall function monopoly situation, and to achieve multiple roles. 

    Example 2: meeting room partition Even the huge office area, by a few walls or frosted glass partition will appear to be small and oppressed, all the use of transparent glass design and lack of business confidentiality, then you really need a can adjust the transparency Photometric glassware to solve the trouble, the conference room is idle, can be adjusted to full light transparent state, the business negotiations, as long as a slight move, you can make the whole area from the surrounding eyes completely blurred out.

    2, residential applications

    Example 1: External settings

    The balcony adds a smart glass to a revolutionary improvement on the poor privacy of the building. Under normal circumstances, adjust to the transparent state, keep the light; free state, in order to maintain a sense of security, can be adjusted to opaque state, but still have sunshine close, serve two purposes. The same applies to the bathroom, shower.

    Example 2: indoor space partition

    Use  smart glass to separate the room, improve the space layout, increase the light to adjust the degree of freedom, will get unexpected results.

    Example 3: Small home theater curtains

    Principle with the business projection screen the same.

    3, the application of medical institutions

    Can replace the curtains, play a shield and cut off the function, solid security, noise miscellaneous, more environmentally friendly cleaning is not easy to pollution benefits for patients to remove concerns for doctors to avoid trouble.

    4, shopping malls anti-theft applications

    Recommended for use in bank jewelery and museums, exhibition counter countertail glass and showcase glass, the normal business applications to maintain a transparent state, in the event of unexpected circumstances, you can use remote control, and instantly reach the fuzzy state, so that criminals lose their goals , Can be the greatest degree of assurance of personal and property safety.

    In addition,smart glass can also be applied to commercial entertainment, air navigation, rail transport, store window, other national key facilities and other fields.

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