Simple To Identify Whether The Glass Is Tempered

- Apr 20, 2017-

Simple to identify whether the glass is tempered

Most customers in the selection of some glass furniture products, often the glass table clean, transparent appearance of the confusion, and ignore the glass I have purchased whether the steel treatment, whether it is a security issue. As a manufacturer, a few days we share the recipe for a simple, practical identification of glass whether the tricks of steel.

 First of all we have to know after the tempered glass, its strength, safety, hardness is much larger than ordinary glass. Ordinary glass in the broken knife after the sharp angle, the edge of the room. It is easy to cut the impact, the human body hurt. The tempered glass, after high temperature treatment, timely glass hit crashed after the first appeared in the cobweb crack. These cracks are composed of small particles with an obtuse angle, and the slag is bonded together and does not cause significant harm to the person. Belong to the category of safety glass.

   How to identify tempered glass?

   1. The sound of justified glass is more crisp than ordinary glass

   2. with a knife light stroke knife is tempered glass

   3. Put the glass in a horizontal position, the surface is slightly curved curvature is tempered glass. This is due to the glass in the steel process, often need to bear more than 450 degrees high temperature, the glass after the cooling will have a certain degree of curvature of the uneven bending. This is the characteristic of tempered glass.

   This little trick, very simple and practical, I hope you later choose the tempered glass can be used when.


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