Six Key Points Explain How To Customize Smart Glass

- Nov 18, 2016-

Smart glass isnt not new thing , but for many people may still unfamiliar. Smart glass is a custom product, you need to customize according to customer needs, then you want to customize the appropriate smart glass should consider what factors. Here we Zeelang Co., Ltd. to briefly explain to you how to customize the smart glass. One of the six points.

1.First of all, we need to know, smart glass is a liquid crystal film cured between two pieces of glass, through a special process after the glue structure of the plastic structure of a new type of special optical glass products, its structure is that glass - smart film - Film - Glass.

2 .size includes two parts of glass and smart film, which plays a decisive role in the glass of the smart film. Currently smart film can do the maximum width of 1.8 meters, the length is not limited, and in order to facilitate the transport, the length is generally limited to 20 meters. If the glass is too large, too long is not easy to transport, so in accordance with the actual level of technology and needs, most of the size of the glass within 3 meters. At present, the maximum size of a single block of smart glass is 1800mm * 3500mm, so the customized smart glass can not exceed this size 

3 .Smart glass are generally more than 5mm glass. If the use of glass laminated glass 5mm production of smart glass, then the thickness of about 5 +5 +2 = 12mm, the use of 6mm glass thickness was 6 +6 +2 = 14mm, 

4. Glass is not fragile, so can not be made into a variety of shapes, and because of smart  glass process limitations, the general can only be made into a regular shape, so the production of non-square smart glass. Be sure to consult the manufacturer prior to purchase whether or not to do so.

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