Smart Electronic Control Glass - Small Apartment Decoration Success Case

- Feb 17, 2017-

  In the major home improvement industry companies, often encounter customers small housing size, but customers want to decoration in a limited space out of the atmosphere, the three-dimensional sense of strong decorative effect. This problem often bothers the vast number of designers. With the traditional partition it, can decorate the three-dimensional effect, but the partition level more, making the original space is more crowded. I today to give you a new product to teach you to build a small apartment design of the decoration program.

    Furniture partition is a small apartment is more common partition, do not fight the wall not much space, direct use of furniture as a partition, a furniture gathering a variety of functions, and some can also move according to the actual situation.

    Cloth cut off, which is one of the most simple and most economical way to cut off. Only need to pull a curtain on the ceiling, you can bar on both sides of the room isolation. Curtain color, style can be arbitrarily selected. But the disadvantage is not fixed, the wind blowing up, very inconvenient. Also need regular cleaning. Time-consuming. Has been the majority of design companies "abandoned the door" of the.

     Intelligent dimming glass partition design, this year is a more popular way. Glass partition is a special glass instead of the wall, the space is completely divided into different parts of the design method. Itself, this glass has a transparent power, the effect of electric scrub, glass partition can be better to maintain the continuity of space, increase the sense of space through, and if the use of intelligent dimming glass, but also take into account the privacy. This design will not only in the home improvement will often see, and in the office building is more frequently applied to. When it is a small apartment decoration, both to maintain the entire space of the spacious, bright, it will not take up too much terrain, saving space.

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