Smart Film Can Be Cut In Different Shape?

- Dec 06, 2016-

   Intelligent smart film, because of its special features transparent power, power mist, making a lot of customers want to use in their own products, then the light film can be cut at will different shape and size?

   Directly attached to the glass smart film is the maximum width of 1.5m, and most of the rectangular size, as a single piece of film is required to produce electrodes in the above, it limits a certain size and size,Generally do the electrode of the smart film is part of the cut, do not cut in the middle electrode and can not cut to the electrode, other areas can be cut, of course, special shape smart film is the need to consult the seller This involves how to do the electrode problem.

   Commonly used car smart film, windows are mostly curved, the general proposal is to measure the length and width of the maximum size, film and then the above curvature of the cut, and will not affect the normal operation of t.e film .Thus, smart film can be cut.

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