Smart Film Receipt, Unpacking, Storage Precautions

- Apr 27, 2017-

Smart film receipt, unpacking, storage precautions

1.Receipt of goods

Before the customer signs the goods, the customer must check whether the packaging itself is damaged and check the goods piece by piece when the freight company personnel are present. If you find the product or packaging damage, please contact our customer service staff and take pictures to customer service mailbox. If the customer does not take the initiative to check the goods, the transporter and the manufacturer will not be responsible for transporting the damaged product.


2. Unboxing

When unpacking the box should be kept vertical, or lean on the 5˚ to 7˚ slope. To prevent damage to the smart film, you should first open the top cover, and then remove the four sides of the edge, carefully remove the dimmer glass.


WARNING: Any wires connected to the smart film can not be used to lift, move or hold the smart film, nor pull.


3. Save

The edges and corners of the membrane are often damaged by careless handling, so they should always be vigilant. If the use of the dimming film or storage conditions, humidity above 80%, should always pay attention to seal protection. The dimming film must be installed in a dry environment to avoid blemishes. Dimming film storage temperature -20 ℃ to 60 ℃, the whole film temperature should be consistent to avoid moisture condensation in the panel. The box containing the smart film should remain square or lean against a firm slope of 5˚ to 7˚ to support the weight of the box.

Unplugging the dimming film can not be erected.


1. Please be sure to check the box before the out of the box for damage, if not damaged delivery.

2. Do not subject the dimmer film to crease or twist to cause crease / deformation /, resulting in unattached adhesion. Handling is required to use soft objects pad, so as not to crush or scratches.

3. Make sure that the glass surface is clean before pasting the self-adhesive film.

4. Avoid sharp objects scratching the surface of the film.

5. Installation will inevitably produce small bubbles, please use a special scraper empty air inside the film. Small bubbles do not affect the transmittance of the self-adhesive film.

6. When cleaning the dimming film, it is strictly forbidden to clean, please wipe with a wet cloth and dry wipe.

7. After wiring, check whether the line is complete and correct.

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