Smart Film Use A Collection Of Precautions On Sliding Doors

- Nov 16, 2016-

Smart  film can not just touch, but also can not bend, and can not wet. To ensure that the product system, the following several ways to protect the light modulation film. Especially for glass sliding doors, the installation is also noteworthy.

1, in the door after the installation of the membrane within three days, do not move, because it may contain water has not evaporated, so it is best not to move.

2, good paste in the glass paste within fifteen days, do not use water to clean the foil.

3, the top of the film do not use hanging glue can be fixed any items, not in the window film stickers and other decorative stickers above. 4 Cleaning agent Smear evenly the surface of the window membrane, and then gently wipe the window film with a clean, soft cotton cloth or absorbent wipe. The cotton and wipe wipes often need to be wringed dry, clean in cotton cloth, water wiping cloth Topical alcohol will soon dissolve huge stains and greasy fingerprints

4, if the stains are not washed, re-spray the cleaning fluid, with soft rubber wipe wipe the window film from top to bottom level until dry, towel dry window film edge

5, the use of adhesive tape on the doors and windows, even if the stickers or decals, clear these materials when the remaining glue or glue, you can use a soft clean cotton dipped in acetone gently scrub contaminated areas, can The viscose remaining on the window film was quickly and completely clear. A small amount of acetone will not damage the polyester film, but can immediately dissolve and completely evaporate the viscose and most paint

6, can not use a soft brush plate, brush, containing sand.

7, when using the sliding film on the smart film, then the need to use the wire to pull a specific wire. Sliding door movement is, the wire can be free to stretch to protect the electrode.

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