Smart Glass - New Choice For Decoration

- Nov 02, 2016-

Smart Glass - New Choice for Decoration

Have you ever shut your shutters all day, and live a dark day, when the sun does not know when the day falls?Now, let the smart glass to help you at any time to adjust the surrounding environment and light, with you to spend a good day. When the smart glass is in the "off" state, it can reflect 98% of the light, thus greatly reducing the need for air conditioning (including installation and daily use of the huge cost to spend).

US National Renewable Energy Laboratory data show that intelligent glass for the entire building can save 8% of consumption. Intelligent glass with only a small amount of electricity to achieve the entire building environmental protection and energy saving. In addition, this glass has many benefits, such as convenience (you no longer have to clumsy in the dark to explore the dusty curtains), efficient (electric curtains are not very trustworthy, you have to pay attention to it from time to time) , And intelligent glass can also effectively help you protect the interior and accessories, to prevent fading.Beside,smart glass also can protect privacy,projection function,Blocking noise, because its many advantage ,so it is widely used in the building decoration. As people's awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation, smart glass is being gradually more and more people to accept.So ,smart glass will be a new choice for decoration.

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