Smart Glass Has Become A New Product On Building Materials Industry

- Nov 03, 2016-

Smart glass has become a new product on building materials industry

Smart glass is one of the architectural glass special decoration, also known as electronic control color glass valve. Smart glass is a kind of two pieces of glass with a layer of film of product. When electricity is applied to the film the liquid crystals line up, changing the glass from opaque to clear

The original glass can be adjusted not only brightness, transparency, softness, simple point is that if you have such a glass, you can freely change the permeability, according to the occasion, mood, functional requirements arbitrary Adjust the performance.

For example, smart glass can be used as conference room cut off function. Even if the huge office area, the number of walls or frosted glass partition will appear to be narrow oppressed, all the use of transparent glass design and lack of business confidentiality, then you really need a transparent glass can be adjusted to solve the glass Trouble, the conference room is idle, can be adjusted to full light transparent state, for business negotiations, as long as a move, you can make the entire negotiation area from the surrounding eyes completely blurred out.

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