Smart Glass Light Transmittance Can Reach 100%? Is This Real?

- May 03, 2017-

Smart glass light transmittance can reach 100%? is this real?


Smart glass is actually referring to a class of liquid crystal dimming film and glass laminated together, with "power change transparent, power matte opaque" effect of the optical glass.

The light transmittance of the dimming glass is mainly affected by the following three aspects: the glass of the original film, clip film and dimming film.

First of all, glass. Glass is divided into plain white glass and ultra-white glass. The transmittance of white glass is 82% ~ 84%. The transmittance of ultra-white glass is 89% ~ 91%, but the most advanced equipment is 93%.

Then we're talking about film. Laminated plastic film for dimming EVA and PVB are two. Better transparency of the film can reach 90% or more.

The light transmittance of the dimming film is the most important factor affecting the light transmittance of the dimming glass. Domestic and imported film is divided into film, light transmittance of domestic films generally between 73% to 79%. The import of the film's transmittance is generally higher than the domestic film, light transmittance up to 80% or higher, but prices have gone up.

So some people say that their products have more than 80% light transmittance, it needs further understanding; if someone says light transmission rate can reach 90% or 100%, it is purely deceive you.

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