Smart Glass Market Analysis

- Oct 10, 2016-

  Smart Glass Market region Analysis

Smart glass is also known as switchable glass or magic glass. Smart glass changes its light transmission properties when light, voltage or heat is provided to it as a stimulus. Smart glass is used usually in doors, windows, partitions and skylights in residential as well as commercial buildings. They can be controlled manually as well as automatically. Smart glasses help in reducing cost of heating, air conditioning and lighting. 

On the basis of technology, the market is sub segmented into thermochromic device, electrochromic devices, liquid crystal devices, suspended particle devices and micro blinds. Liquid crystal technology based smart glass is usually used in electronic devices. In automotive and architectural applications, electrochromics and suspended particle devices are used commonly; for power generation application, thermochromic and photochromic technology is used.On the basis of regions the market is further sub-segmented into seven regions, North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan), Japan as a separate region, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Middle East & Africa. Out of all these regions, North America dominates the global smart glass market in terms of high production as well as consumption of smart glasses. But it is estimated that European market will grow significantly in near future due to its architectural advancement i.e. presence of large size windows in residential as well as commercial buildings compare to North America’s buildings, updated building construction and efficiency standards of government. Owing to these advantages, it has been forecasted that the European market will overtake the North America smart glass market.


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