Smart Glass Market Is Increasing In The Future

- Oct 31, 2016-

Smart glass market is increasing in the future

Smart glass and doors and windows market by 2021, more than 6 billion US dollars, 2015 to 2021 annual growth rate of 14.7%.

The need for efficient energy use by building managers, owners and construction companies provides a great opportunity for the global smart glass and smart window market. In addition, the automotive industry's rapid demand for intelligent glass, has led the smart glass market. At present, because the intelligent glass has blocking ultraviolet and fast switching and other special features, so it is more than the use of ordinary glass. At the same time, intelligent windows to reduce the formation of heat inside the vehicle to ensure the safety of passengers. Taking into account these factors, intelligent glass and intelligent window market is expected in the next few years, there will be a strong growth trend.

So in the future,smart glass market will be huge.

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