Smart Glass Monolithic Weight? How Safe Transport?

- Nov 11, 2016-


  General thickness of the glass is 5 +5 mm, 6 +6 mm, the general calculation of the weight of a single piece of glass is very simple, long * wide * thickness * 2.5 = kg (glass weight) Many foreign customers also worry about glass transport problems, How safe transport of glass, which is always concerned with the adjustment.

      Usually we will choose the province of glass transport security packaging - wooden box + tray. Of course, only a small batch of general need Of course, only the general need for small quantities of EPE foam + foam + EPE wooden box , the box must be some vacant place fortress paper to reinforce the scrap to prevent the glass sloshing, most customers will ask before buying small series, glass transport over , Broken how to do?

      In this, stressed that Zeliang all the factory glass have to buy transport insurance, logistics reasons this is no way to control, but customers need to actively cooperate with the arrival of the glass after the packaging must be carefully checked for damage or collapse, and secondly, In the presence of delivery personnel can first open the packaging acceptance of goods is complete, if there was damage to the goods, you can reject, the responsibility of free logistics commitment to ensure that the number of goods with or without damage is responsible for you and me, a small cost Time, confirm receipt is necessary.

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