Smart Glass Projection State - The Projection System Configuration How To Choose

- Dec 14, 2016-

 Power smart glass out as a privacy protection of an important building decoration materials, there is a very popular use of the function - as a projection curtain wall use. When it is used as a projection curtain wall, the function can be the same as the LED screen.

Compared to the traditional way of the projection At present, what is the advantage of smart glass projection?

      The traditional way of projection screen, can only rely on pure white walls. When you need to project the curtain down to use. On the dimming glass, you can use the glass, the need to project the effect when the smart glass to adjust the power state, the projection effect and the curtain is the same. When you do not need power, the glass will change the original transparent state. This model and save space, lighting effect.

       Second place for the placement of the projector is used in smart glass rear projection, rear projection method to avoid the benefits of reflection to other objects when the projection, the impact of the final imaging results. And the rear projection, you can hang the projector in the air, saving room for use of space.

       Finally, the traditional projection screen is just a piece of cloth just, projection imaging in the smart glass can also be added around the touch box. Is the entire screen with a touch effect. Very convenient already operated.


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