Smart Glass To Become The Preferred Shower

- Nov 03, 2016-

Smart glass to become the preferred shower

With the development of real estate, to further stimulate the people of the shower room market demand. With the development of the shower room, its product style and function has undergone great changes. Glue control glass shower room shower room to tell us the emergence of safer shower products, the future development trend of consumption. Smart glass (glass folder glass) is the use of two pieces of glass and EVA film and film for processing. Smart glass is the liquid crystal film curing between the two glass. At the same time, the folder glass laminated glass resistance to pressure and impact resistance are tempered glass 5 times, even if the broken glass after a single piece or two pieces of glass debris will be tightly glued in the laminated safety glass in the EVA film, The whole piece of broken glass stand in situ, broken glass surface remains neat and smooth, will not move, but will not fall off the ground, will not cause harm to people or surrounding objects. So the folder glass plastic shower room glass to the safety of consumers the highest protection and become the future consumer demand for consumer and shower room market trends. Although the current price is relatively high, but with the economic development, its cost will be reduced, the application will be more extensive.

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