Smart Glass To Buy The Trouble

- Mar 16, 2017-

Smart glass to buy the troubles

smart glass in 2009 - 2011 in the domestic professional smart glass manufacturers only two to three, the production of major raw materials "PDLC LCD film mainly rely on the United States, South Korea, Japan imports, due to material prices led to the smart glass is expensive Square price between 4000-5000, the same size product inquiry, the price is basically the same. This period of time to buy smart glass basically do not need more than the price, just look at the quality, between the two or three can choose one.

smart glass compared to ordinary building glass technology production technology, production costs risk is relatively much higher, so the profit is also high. 2011 - 2012, the domestic production of a number of liquid crystal film, the consignment also increased a lot, as long as the production of laminated glass manufacturers have begun to study the production of dimming glass, resulting in smart glass market prices, uneven quality, the same Specifications of the product price disparity up to several hundred to thousand dollars, and smart glass from the appearance is basically not see the core technology and quality, many consumers blindly than the price, used to find burned, open plastic, or not power Quality issues,.

In the increasingly transparent market, smart glass quality resolution with the production of core technology, manufacturers will not disclose the basic confidential, buyers are more blind, only used to know whether the good, to the consumer is not Less trouble and loss, so buy smart glass as far as possible the use of the first production of smart glass manufacturers, as far as possible from the manufacturer to ask some details to determine the quality and service.

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