Smart Home Landing Is No Longer Far Away China Will Become Asia's Largest Market

- Feb 16, 2017-

Smart home landing is no longer far away China will become Asia's largest market

  With the breakthrough of artificial intelligence technology, completely intelligent intelligent intelligent home gradually into the people's attention, to self-learning, self-perception, completely self-control of the smart home system is no longer a dream. In the field of intelligent home in China, Changhong, Skyworth, Haier and so on are actively building intelligent industry based on intelligent intelligence industry, which Changhong through the open Internet of things platform, the artificial intelligence technology, security systems, intelligent services, energy management, TV, air conditioning, refrigerator and other end products into the real community and family environment, bringing a new "product + service" experience; Skyworth to show the Internet of things technology and artificial intelligence as the representative of the wisdom of family solutions; TCL is based on the user The need for different content, through the depth of artificial intelligence learning and large data analysis, the user preferences to filter and judge, so as to make accurate content push.


Although the current is only the combination of intelligent home and artificial intelligence in the initial stage, but the future of AI and the Internet to achieve collaborative work to achieve a fully intelligent intelligent home system will no longer distant, AI will become an important engine to promote smart home landing, And China is expected to lead the trend of the "first sheep."


    Market potential is huge

Data show that 2016 US smart home market has reached 9.7 billion US dollars. In the US market, home central air conditioning penetration rate has been more than 70%, and 85% of households have installed heating device central thermostat, 60% of households with refrigeration equipment central thermostat to intelligent thermostat as the representative Intelligent energy-saving products are favored. In the European market, security products are concerned by consumers. Britain, Spain and Germany and other countries nearly 80% of broadband home users tend to choose smart home security products. According to the relevant data, in Japan and South Korea, smart door lock products penetration rate is 70% -80%.


In contrast, China's smart home penetration rate of less than 5%. According to statista data, China's smart home market in 2015 reached 40.34 billion yuan, an increase of 41%, is expected to 2018, China's smart home market will reach 130 billion yuan, the average annual compound growth rate of about 48% Industry will enter a rapid expansion period.


International management consulting firm Kearney latest report shows that China or will be by 2020 to become Asia's largest smart home market. "In recent years, China has become one of the key drivers of global growth." First, the rapid growth of the country's overall economy has brought about household income, "said Bauerstein, a partner at Kirkini and head of communications and electronics in Asia Pacific. And secondly, China is the largest Internet market in the world, and these two factors will make China one of the largest smart home markets in Asia and the world.

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