Smart Mirror

- Nov 19, 2016-


Do you know what an smart mirror is? Smart mirror known as the future part of the smart home, with the phone connected to Bluetooth, can be realistic in the plane weather, travel, social information, e-mail and so on. Link phone, open to play video, music and so on. Settings can also be video chat with friends. Very convenient. In fact, the principle of making is not complicated. The main process is concentrated in front of the mirror. This mirror industry is also called mirror glass, is the ordinary glass after polishing process after the surface into a smooth and shiny, with a mirror effect of the product, than the conventional mirror high transmittance, can be more than 80%, the thickness of the main 2-6mm based. Its main function is to see the opposite side of the mirror surface of the object or image, similar to the other side can not see the object, with a one-way mirror function. Conventionally, it is obvious that the mirror coating, but there must be a reflection of light as a prerequisite, so as to achieve the mirror effect. Conventionally visible silver or black effect, when the product and use according to the different places, coating color can choose, choose the environment for the renovation program. At the same time, the mirror has energy-saving effect, can effectively reduce light pollution, protect the eyes and viewing angle. Is currently being used more and more in the smart mirror above.

     At the same time, Smart mirror and there is a common ground, they have always been the basis of the composition of the future part of the home will be more and more used in home decoration. With other smart products, together to form a smart home life.


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