Some Industry Knowledge About Ultra White Glass

- Dec 29, 2016-

1, why the ultra-white tempered glass low bleed?

Low-iron glass, because its iron content is much lower than ordinary glass, so it looks crystal clear, it is also known as ultra-white glass. Relatively ordinary float glass, ultra-white glass in the production process in order to remove one of the iron, more than a magnetic separation process, in the process of absorption of iron in addition to the addition of nickel, ultra-white glass in the nickel content is very low, The nickel sulfide is the root cause of self-bleaching glass, so ultra-white tempered glass blew rate is also very low. According to the CSG Group of many cases of the use of statistics, ultra-white tempered glass blew rate of about 1/10000 (normal tempered glass blew rate higher than 3/1000).

2, there are ways to reduce the tempered glass blew rate?

Homogeneous processing can reduce the tempered glass blew rate, tempered glass after homogenization treatment as "homogeneous tempered glass". Homogeneous processing is to put the tempered glass furnace homogenization heating to a certain temperature, the insulation, cooling process. In this process, tempered glass containing nickel sulphide or other impurities can be detonated, so homogeneous processing is also called "detonation". Ordinary homogeneous tempered glass bleaching rate of about 1/1000.

3, ultra-white tempered glass and homogeneous tempered glass price comparison

At present, CSG and other domestic manufacturers have been able to mass production of ultra-white glass. Will be homogeneous tempered glass to ultra-white tempered glass, the increased cost is limited, but can significantly reduce the blew rate, greatly reducing the steel self-explosion fall injury, injury accidents, and the use of building maintenance costs, in particular, Replacement cost of building glass after blew. In comparison, the use of ultra-white tempered glass comprehensive cost-effective.

4, ultra-white tempered glass and homogeneous glass performance comparison

Homogeneous tempered glass of the self-bursting rate of less than one-thousandth, it is important that the current homogeneous tempered glass is no effective means of technical testing and identification, so the prevalence of counterfeit homogeneous on the market, poor manufacturers actually do not make low-cost competition Homogeneous treatment, the reliability of homogeneous toughened glass is questioned.

5, the appearance of ultra-white glass visual effects

Ultra-white glass even if the thickness of the glass will not increase the green tone, low-E film after plating color clear, high transmittance Low-E film is more crystal clear, the real crystal can show the texture of glass, large area with In the glass curtain wall can show a distinctive high-end taste.


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