SPD Smart Glass Is More Energy Efficient

- Nov 02, 2016-

SPD Smart Glass is more energy efficient

The study found that the use of suspended particles device (SPD) smart glass windows have a significant energy saving effect. Compared with the commonly used white glass, SPD smart glass can prevent up to 90% of solar thermal energy into the room.

The current issue of energy consumption and waste is a global concern, and contemporary architecture is increasingly using glass to provide sufficient light and space, so in the summer or hotter climate areas, any can reduce solar thermal energy into the room , In order to reduce the consumption of energy in regulating the room temperature measures, will play a significant energy saving effect. SPD glass has a precise adjustment of the light transmission rate, the adjustment range can be adjusted from sunlight to maximize the sunlight to provide control of the sun shade, this energy-saving program is very unique. SPD intelligent glass plate is composed of two or more layers of glass between the compression sealed "suspended particles device" made of thin film, with the ability of electric conversion.

At the same time, dimming glass with privacy protection, projection and common glass with the common characteristics, so its wider application areas, market potential and greater practical value.

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