Talking About New Technology Of Liquid Crystal Film From The Film

- Feb 18, 2017-


     What is PDLC Smart Dimming Film? The characteristics and applications of new liquid crystal self-adhesive film and technology under normal circumstances, PDLC intelligent dimming film (liquid crystal dimming film) is the middle of the intelligent dimming glass laminated film, by two transparent conductive film into the middle of the liquid crystal polymer mixture to make. In the absence of electric field effect, the intelligent dimming film in the opaque state; when the exchange into the AC, the liquid crystal molecules to achieve an orderly arrangement, then intelligent dimming film from opaque to transparent state. Through the electric field, can achieve in the transparent and opaque state between the fast and random conversion.

PDLC dimming film performance characteristics: 1. Masking privacy Smart dimming film is a can be directly attached to the glass, play a dimming effect of the intelligent film, through the voltage regulator can be achieved between the direct light and radiation changes between, so that The glass that fits the smart dimming film presents a penetrating or fog, and is used in shower room and office partitions to show its unique effect.

2. Energy saving smart dimming film paste in the architectural glass, the insulation effect is good, reduce the indoor sunshine, reduce air conditioning energy consumption. The use of intelligent dimming film, to ensure that the room is relatively cool.

3. projection screen during the day when the intelligent dimming film can be used as electronic curtains and insulation wall, the evening it will be the best large advertising wall, so unique features will undoubtedly be warmly welcomed by customers.

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