Talking About The Superiority Of Mirror Display

- Jan 13, 2017-

   Mirror glass is widely used in various types of electronic products this year, with its high transparency and flexibility of the plane feel, loved by the market, especially in all types of displays, the screen, the perfect embodiment of his superiority.

What are the characteristics of mirror glass? As an important part of the electronic screen products, to open the playback process in the screen content is very clear, perfect reality out. If the state in the power, the entire screen dark down to restore the color of the glass itself, this time can be used as a mirror, showing a high-quality mirror effect. Many electronic products are more popular it. Especially in some mirror TV, intelligent mirror and other electronic products, has been widely used up.

     Applicability: It can not only be used as a mobile phone screen, even the TV can also use the device as a screen to become a mirror TV, etc. It features can make the screen does not affect the clarity of the highly restored color. Whether the projector or a digital device, such as the display can use the parts to make the mirror effect is enhanced.

      And promote the development of smart home, the use of the parts in the process can make the smart device more obvious, so there are many related to the intelligent aspects of the product will use the parts as the display screen, it can be extremely prominent effect of advertising can watch Are more receptive. So that the use of smart devices in the process can not only promote the manufacturers want to promote the content but also get more attention. Is gradually becoming an important part of intelligent home.

     Because of its unique reality rendering function, has been in all kinds of intelligent electronic products, whether as a mirror or other parts to use. Excellent mirror effect, will be in the future of intelligent products occupy a dominant position.


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