Technology And Application Of Three Layer Laminated Glass

- Nov 14, 2016-

Technology and application of three  layer laminated glass

    Three-layer laminated glass The name suggests Three laminated glass The middle of the PVB film has a special sound insulation film can choose, a layer can; ordinary PVB film also has the performance of sound insulation, three-layer laminated glass should be able to soundproof . Double-layer glass laminated plastic If the glass is colorless and transparent, is poured into the transparent plastic folder, the two-phase folder. Two-layer laminated glass, The resulting three-layer glass is still transparent. Three-layer laminated glass is explosion-proof glass, the so-called, bullet-proof glass, explosion-proof glass, laminated glass is multilayer, but the more layers, the better. And the three-tier laminated glass price concessions, the ideal quality assurance to increase the noise insulation practice is that the higher sound insulation requirements of the building, such as hotels, residential, hospitals, shopping malls, office buildings, are also widely used in travel tool. Outside a single layer of glass windows, which do a layer of glass windows with insulating glass, New Year's Eve night shot the most noisy when the sound outside than the alarm clock ticking light, three glass is more afraid of moisture fog, single glass Window block outside the water vapor, double glazed windows compartment of the heat, three glass double windows isolated noise, which is the ideal layout.


The processing technology and conventional glass, as a major introduction, milling, chamfering, silk screen, such as openings. If the laminated glass needs to be perforated, the specific opening diameter, the distance from the edge of the size should be given to our detailed parameters. Conventional thickness of more than 20MM recommended the use of three laminated glass.

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