Tempered Glass Factory Transport And Tempered Glass Explosion Precautions

- Mar 14, 2017-

Tempered glass factory transport and tempered glass explosion precautions

Glass is a fragile item, even if the tempered glass is called hard glass, improper transport is also very easy to break. Therefore, in the transport project must pay attention to fixed and soft pad, the general proposal to use erected method of transport.

Transport is no problem, the next most critical step: the installation problem. The installation of good or bad affect the use of the effect, if the other side of the tempered glass installation is closed, it is necessary to pay attention to clean the surface before installation, it is best to use a dedicated glass cleaner, and to be dry and confirmed no stains Rear installation, installation is best to use clean building gloves, fixed time to use silicone sealant. If the installation of the window, but also with the rubber seal with the use.

Performance: Strong thermal stability

Reporters learned that, January 1, 2004 from the implementation of the "building safety glass management regulations" provides that the bathroom fence and the screen must use safety glass. Safety glass is a class of violent vibration or impact is not broken, even broken is not easy to hurt the glass. Common safety glass types are foil glass, tempered glass, laminated glass and so on.

Tempered glass is also called quenched and reinforced glass. Toughened glass thermal stability, and can adapt to frequent changes in the temperature difference between the bathroom, the debris of the people are less harmful. But because of quality, however, improper installation, inadequate maintenance and other issues, there are also hidden glass security risks.


Installation: cutting easily lead to blew

Reporters visited to understand that the current market for the sale of some of the shower room, the use of many of the tempered glass is semi-tempered or ordinary thickened glass. The stones in these glasses, more impurities, the quality of good and bad.

In addition, improper installation may also cause glass blew. For example, when the installation of glass has a certain degree of tilt or artificially changed the shape of the glass. In the installation of the most sensitive to cut glass, because the tempered glass can not be tempered after the size of the shape of processing, which is very easy to make the glass blew. In the purchase of products, it is best to require manufacturers to provide professional home installation.

The middle part of the tempered glass is the strongest, the four corners and the edges are the weakest. So pay attention to protect the corner of the glass position, regularly check whether the cracks in the corner. Another owner can buy explosion-proof membrane paste in case.


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