Test Method For Wired Glass

- Dec 03, 2016-

1. The size deviation measurement with accurate to 1 mm steel tape measure.
2. The thickness measurement with accurate to 0.01 mm micrometer in glass every edge point measurement.Among them the ply of glass of wired embossing refers to the high surface decorative pattern to the back of the distance.
3. Put the sample determination of bending to the vertical, when bending arched, with accurate to 1 mm metal ruler and accurate to 0.01 mm metal feeler chord length and corresponding to the bow.Wave, measuring the wave to wave the distance (or trough to trough) and the corresponding peak height (or deep valley), press type calculation of bending C:
C = H/L x 100 type:
C - bending, %;
H - bow is high, the peak height (or deep valley), the mm;
L - chord length and the distance between adjacent wave (or adjacent trough spacing), the mm.
4. A convex glass edge, gap, and the lack of Angle and deflection.With accurate to 1 mm steel ruler to measure the glass edge projection and gap.Deflection with length 1 m square on the glass, the Angle of the vertices and side with glass edge alignment, measurement on the other side of the square and maximum distance, on the edge of glass.Lack of depth of Angle is the Angle bisector from Angle inward measurement.
5. The determination of appearance quality in good natural light or scattered light illumination conditions, visual inspection is 600 mm from positive samples.
6. Fire performance measurement test according to GB 12513.


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