The Application And Production Technology Of Wire Glass

- Dec 05, 2016-

The application and production technology of wire glass


(1) according to the provisions of the Building Act, folder wire glass used to prevent fires. First, ordinary glass folder glass doors in the cut, the cut part of the easy bad. The strength of the cut-out portion is about half that of the wire glass, so that the thermal breakage is more likely to occur than the wire glass.

(2) wire mesh glass wire mesh is specially treated, generally not easy to rust. The incision is in a non-treated state, so sometimes water will rust. If severe, due to volume expansion, the cut part of the crack may occur, reducing the edge of the intensity. This is the cause of thermal cracking.


Production Process:

 Silk glass is produced using the rolling process of a safety glass. The rolled wire mesh is unwound from the feeding device and sent to the molten glass liquid. After the glass liquid is passed through the upper and lower calendering rollers, the glass wire is made into glass. Wire Mesh in the metal wire mesh grid shape is generally square or hexagonal, and the glass surface can be patterned, it can be smooth. Thickness of glass is generally 6-16mm (not including the thickness of the middle wire), safety glass can be used in the building ceiling and other occasions 

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