The Definition And Features Of The Wired Glass

- Dec 02, 2016-

The definition and features of the wired glass


Wired glass is also called the broken glass and steel glass.In the process of rolling production process is brought into half liquid glass screen and forming a kind of special glass.Advantage is high strength is common glass, the glass hit or temperature change, make it broken and not missing, crack and not scattered, avoid edges and corners of small piece of debris flying out of cuts, such as the fire spread, wired glass heat crack, remained stationary state, have the effect of isolation from the fire, so it is also called flameproof glass.Defect is in the process of production, silk screen radiation easy oxidation under high temperature, the surface of the glass likely "rusty spot" the same yellow and bubbles.Wired glass is often used in skylight, canopy roof, doors and Windows and vulnerable to vibration.



Fire  retardancy

Wired glass wired glass, even if broken line or network can prop the pieces, it is hard to fall and break.Even if the flame wear out, but keep out the invasion of the flame and fire powder, have prevent spread through opening spread effect.



Wired glass can prevent debris flying.Even in such as earthquake, storm, make the broken glass, pieces are hard to flying, so compared with the common glass, not easy to cause debris flying cuts.



Common glass is easy to break, so the thief can infiltrate to illegal activities, and wired glass does not.Even if the glass broken, there is still a metal wire mesh at work, so the thief could not easily to steal.Wired glass of this kind of guard against theft, has brought people psychological security.

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