The Docorative Effect Of Smart Glass Partition

- Feb 16, 2017-

 The current decoration materials more and more rich, people on the office and home design is also more and more diversified, personalized and intelligent. In such an environment, "light decoration, heavy decoration" concept to get more people agree, pay more attention to decorative green building materials has become a trend. Glass partition as a new type of space partition material, mainly the interior decoration style to create, color and atmosphere of the embodiment of the embodiment, and we use the glass partition is mainly based on the role to choose. Today, we come to understand the decorative effect of smart glass partition off it!

 Modern interior design, including soft and hard decoration, including integrated indoor environment design, which not only involves the visual environment and engineering technology, but also related to light, sound, heat, mood, color, atmosphere and cultural connotation and so on. So the design must be combined with decorative arts to achieve the purpose of interior decoration. In the interior decoration, smart glass partition has two kinds of transparent and atomized state, according to the need to choose a different color or other processing, such as silk made into a variety of patterns, give full play to the decorative aesthetic effect. smart glass partition can replace the curtains, just a remote control gently, the glass immediately atomized, allowing you to enjoy the sense of science and technology while having the effect of curtains.

  The above is a brief description of the glass partition, we hope to help, if you have other problems, please visit our official website or get through our phone, Shen zhen Zeelang Glass Co., Ltd. look forward to your visit.

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