The Domestic Dimming Glass Market Into The Warring States Period.

- Feb 23, 2017-


    In addition to the original few few from the global production of self-modulated film to the finished product through-train operations of the supplier, the domestic glass processing plants began to purchase from all over the dimming film, self-processing dimming glass products. Due to well-known technical reasons, the quality has been less than ideal. Most of the domestic manufacturers of film products from the neighboring countries dimming film industry, due to technical capacity, quality and quality stability and other reasons, determines the raw material side of the inherent deficiencies, coupled with the lack of mature domestic manufacturers of processing technology, quality problems have become domestic The head of the sword is hanging from the sword of Damocles. Due to technical limitations, dimming film size is too small (usually domestic manufacturers produce less than 1100mm in width, the world's largest dimming glass size records by the United States Poly vision Privacy Glass to maintain, 1500mmx3300mm) is also restricting these domestic and neighboring countries, one of the bottlenecks.


    Global dimming glass giant --- from the United States, Texas, Poly tronix, Inc's Polyvision Privacy Glass brand in the global high-class hotel industry, the trend of more and more fierce bathroom design, driving the global dimming glass market capacity as snowball-like roll Big. This whirlwind in the Chinese mainland hotel and high-end home improvement dress industry fashion, almost become nowadays a number of five-star hotel standard design.


    Dimming glass when the power off light and not transparent, transparent when the power state. The principle is: turn off the power, the dimmer glass inside the liquid crystal molecules will appear irregularly distributed state, so that light can not enter, so that opaque glass showing an opaque appearance; power, the liquid crystal molecules inside neatly arranged, light Can be free to penetrate, then dimmer glass showing a transparent state. Apply to the bathroom / shower / clinic / conference room / hospital (nursery, emergency center, intensive care unit, operating room), external windows, blinds alternative, projector curtain, residential design, skylights, counter display ... and other applications.


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