The Effect Of The Glass Window Film

- Feb 20, 2017-

The effect of the glass window film

Reduce heat to reduce glare to increase comfort


The home glass foil is a product that is mounted directly on the inner surface of the window glass, which helps to correct the unevenness of the light intensity or the backlash area and disperse the glare and uncomfortable glare so that the indoor staff is more comfortable.


Direct sunlight at home or work in the office will lead to fatigue, tired eyes, and thus distracted by the attention. Although the sun is good, but the feeling of being a direct sunlight is still very annoying, the human health is also damaged. Home glass film on a magical thing, both to help block UV, but also to protect privacy, security, etc., below, now,i will introduce of the role of home glass foil is what.


Blocking the western UV helps to ease premature fading


Blocking ultraviolet rays helps to alleviate premature fading, solar radiation in the UV is caused by carpet, furniture, art paintings, curtains and chemical fiber fabric fade important reason, but also lead to skin cancer, home glass film allows visible light injection, while Prevent harmful ultraviolet rays, but also reduce the sun caused by visible light fade.


Energy saving to reduce heating costs


The loss of heat through the window in winter not only makes the staff in the building feel uncomfortable, but also increases the unnecessary energy consumption costs, the low emissivity of the home glass foil, installed in the inner surface of ordinary single glass can reduce heat loss. The summer, the film by blocking the sun heat can reduce the cost of cooling, the film can reflect and absorb the vast majority of solar infrared heat can also reduce the thermal conductivity of the glass.


Add visual beauty to increase privacy


The home glass foil gives the building a new and chic look, and its cost is only a small part of the cost of refurbishment, and will not cause the inconvenience of moving indoors. Its deep staining film, semi-reflective or all-reflective film, color and pattern rich and complete, for the design provides a wide range of ideas.


Look from the inside to the outside, the home glass film comfortable and pleasant, blocking the light and no scenery deformation; from outside to inside, home glass foil appearance coherent, add a sense of beauty for the room; posted on your glass inside the translucent or day One-way fluoroscopy also allows light to penetrate, but can block others to the indoor eyes.


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