The Life Of Laminated Glass

- Mar 01, 2017-


The laminated glass is a composite glass product in which one or more layers of organic polymer interlayers are sandwiched between glass, and after the process, the glass and the intermediate film are permanently bonded together. Laminated glass in the case of fragmentation of the glass fragments will be stuck on the film, effectively prevent the debris and wear through the fall of the incident, to ensure personal safety.


The life of the laminated glass depends mainly on the material of the interlayer. Normally wet laminated glass and EVA laminated glass is mainly used for indoor partition, not suitable for building doors and windows or curtain wall. Wet laminated glass and EVA laminated glass in the sunlight will accelerate aging, 1-2 years after the phenomenon will appear yellow, 2-3 years began to appear degumming bubbles, ice and fog situation. In general, wet laminated glass aging is much faster than EVA laminated glass. EVA laminated glass to avoid direct sunlight in the indoor use can have more than 10 years of life.


PVB and SGP laminated glass, which are usually used as doors and windows or curtain walls, are much better resistant to aging. Laminated glass PVB and SGP The most typical failure is open plastic, open plastic means that the glass and the separation of the compartment, lost the safety characteristics of laminated glass. On the PVB and SGP laminated glass life, there is no relevant domestic standards and norms. At present, domestic glass processing enterprises generally refer to foreign PVB and SGP suppliers related materials to give 5-7 years of product warranty period.


In fact, the life of PVB and SGP laminated glass, in addition to the impact of the middle layer material, by the thickness of the middle compartment, laminated glass substrate quality, laminated glass process control is very large.


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