The Life Of The Smart Film

- Nov 16, 2016-

Now people have high product requirements, many people are very worried about the life of the product, then how to protect the product, so that longer product life? The following are some ways to protect the smart film.

  1. Fast installation, environmental protection and safety, do not bend to protect a good long life, reusable, the price is reasonable.

  2. Uniform product specifications and standards, different locations cut off the material can be common, reduce the cost of office relocation.

  3. Before the construction of unified measurement planning, reasonable consideration and design of power sockets, broadband, telephone lines.

 4. Good sound insulation: glass partition door frame inside and the door can be installed at the end of the seal, can greatly improve the noise performance.

 5. No pollution and odor emissions, easy to clean, after the completion of the project can be used immediately.

 6. Material selectivity: According to the construction needs of customers can provide a variety of specifications, size and color of the material, with a variety of components can be used.

 7. Usually in direct sunlight where the general membrane life will be lower than the pure indoor use.

 The term "service life" refers to the period in which an enterprise uses fixed assets or the amount of the fixed assets that can produce products or provide services. Quality assurance is the time, narrow understanding is the warranty period. Is the business commitment to the user, is to protect, not significant water, do not bend, the life of 5 years / 10 years. 



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