The Main Market Distribution Of Flat Glass

- Nov 05, 2016-

The Main Market Distribution of Flat Glass

Asia Pacific dominated the global flat glass market owing to high demand from countries including China, India, Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia.Because these countries are accelerating the pace of infrastructure construction, so the demand for flat glass larger. China being the largest producer and consumer of flat glass accounting for over 50% of the global market was responsible for high demand from the region. Presence of major manufacturers including the NSG group, AGC and Guardian Industries in the region coupled with easy raw material availability is expected to result in high growth over the forecast period.

Global flat glass market is highly concentrated with NSG Group, AGC and Guardian Industries holding a lion's share. Other companies including Cardinal Glass, OldCastle, AJJ Group are engaged in continuous R&D for development of improved glass products to sustain market competitiveness. The market is characterized by frequent M&A's by key participants including AGC and Saint-Gobain resulting in further consolidation of the market.

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